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Access your Account from an Email Program using IMAP

On the off chance that you need to set up a Suddenlink account, it is very evident that you will require the Suddenlink email settings and that is the reason we are here. For the total setup, you will require the worker settings just as the POP settings.


In the event that they are not arranged as expected, you will deal with an issue while getting or sending messages. We will assist you with setting up the record instantly that too with no issue. Make it a highlight enter the subtleties cautiously and check them twice for any spelling botches.


Know the difference between IMAP and POP


Prior to proceeding onward to the Suddenlink email settings, you should know the contrast between IMAP and POP for a superior setup.


Web Message Access Protocol which is otherwise called IMAP is a typical convention that holds your email on the worker and is constantly synchronized across the entirety of your Devices. Suppose that you erase, send or mark a message as uninitiated on one Device then it will be recreated on the entirety of your devices. IMAP is recommended for individuals who browse their email on a few devices since it offers a more dependable encounter across all devices.


Mail center Protocol or POP downloads your email on the device. In this manner, exercises on one device are not imitated on different devices. Utilizing a similar model, in the event that you erase, send or mark a message as uninitiated on one device, the progressions won't be diverted on different devices. On the off chance that you access your email on various devices, IMAP is the proposed choice.


Suddenlink email settings- IMAP


Suddenlink IMAP worker

  • IMAP port number-993 
  • IMAP security-SSL 
  • IMAP worker username-Your total email ID 
  • IMAP worker secret phrase Your Suddenlink secret phrase

Suddenlink email settings- POP

  • Suddenlink Mail worker account type: POP 
  • At that point – Suddenlink Mail client name: Your total Suddenlink Mail email address 
  • Suddenlink Mail secret word: Suddenlink Mail secret word 
  • Suddenlink Mail hostname: 
  • Suddenlink Mail port: 110 
  • Suddenlink Mail TLS/SSL required: NO 

Kindly note that these settings are simply going to assist you with getting messages as these are the approaching worker settings. You need to design the active worker settings independently to send messages.


Suddenlink email settings- SMTP

  • SMTP worker account type: SMTP 
  • At that point – SMTP client name: Your Mail email address 
  • SMTP secret word: Suddenlink Mail secret phrase 
  • Suddenlink Mail hostname: 
  • Next is – Suddenlink Mail SMTP port: 25 
  • Suddenlink Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: NO

Get the Suddenlink email settings for Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 
  • Pick 'Document' and snap on 'Add a New Email Account' 
  • Presently Click on 'Manual Setup' and afterward select the 'Following' button 
  • Click-on one or the other POP or IMAP as Inbound Mail Server and afterward on 'Next' button 
  • Fill in the accompanying data: 
  • Client Name: Enter a name that would be shown when you send an email 
  • Email Address: Fill in your Suddenlink.Net email address 
  • Record Type: POP3 or IMAP 
  • Approaching Mail Server: Either or according to your inclination Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): 
  • Type in your client name and secret phrase in 'Web email settings' 
  • Click on 'More Settings' 
  • In the 'Active Server' tab-put a tick blemish on the case that says 'My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication' 
  • In the 'Progressed' area fill in the port numbers for inbound and outbound mail workers and afterward click OK. 
  • Approaching worker POP3 – 110 
  • IMAP port number-143 
  • Active mail worker SMTP port number-25 or 587 
  • Click on 'Next' 
  • Pick the 'Test Account Settings' Option and afterward Outlook will test the setup of the Suddenlink record and set up approval.

Get the Suddenlink email settings for Android


Allude to the means referenced beneath to get the Suddenlink email settings for android:


  • Visit the home screen and open the Gmail application 
  • In the event that you have added a record beforehand in the application, go to 'Menu' and afterward click on 'Settings' at that point snap to 'Add account' 
  • Click on 'Other' in the setup email tab 
  • Fill in your email ID and afterward click on 'Manual setup' 
  • Select the 'POP' account and enter these subtleties: 
  • Username-Your Suddenlink name 
  • Secret phrase Your record secret key 
  • POP 
  • Security type-None 
  • Port-110 
  • Presently Click on 'Next' and afterward fill in the accompanying subtleties: 
  • SMTP 
  • Port-25 
  • Security type-None 
  • At that point Click on 'Next' and pick the email check recurrence 
  • Fill in the record name and hit 'Done' upon consummation

We trust that we had the option to assist you with the Suddenlink email settings. In the event that there is whatever else that you need help with, do associate with Aol Mail specialists and we will help you out with the most amazing aspect of our aptitude.

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